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The Enlightenment of Old Chap

The Enlightenment of Old Chap


遠離人煙的老頭村中住著一群光怪陸離的老人:整天打座養龜、一個病人都沒有的中醫師 — 老全(麥洛新飾);單純、好色、無法成功出村的輪椅伯伯 — 老餅(劉日東飾);神出鬼沒、志在吸收天地靈氣的老人 — 摩西(車保羅飾)。有天,老全遠在澳洲的孫女千鯨(曾睿彤飾)突然休學回來和他一起生活,更在他的診症廳中跳起鋼管舞來。她的出現使老全平靜的生活亂了潮汐,價值觀逐步崩壞。傳統古板的爺爺,在孫女、老餅和摩西的「熏陶」下,選擇了如何渡過他的晚年?


In a village far, far away from the city, lives a bunch of peculiar elderly. Old Chap (starred MAK Lok-san) is a Chinese medicine doctor who does not even have one patient. Old Ben (starred Lau Yat-tung) is a simple, horny neighbor in a wheelchair who never finds his way out of the village. Moses (starred Paul Carr) is a ghostly old man who loves to connect his soul and spirit to Mother Nature. One day, Old Chap's granddaughter Chiara (starred Maya Tsang) who studies in Australia, decides to take a gap year and comes to live with him. She even puts on a pole dancing show in the middle of his clinic. Her presence turns the life of Old Chap upside down and brings crumbles to his conservative lifestyle. How do Chiara, Old Ben and Moses“nuture”the old-fogey grandpa on the way he chooses to spend the rest of his life?

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