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《鬼同你住》X HK Movie「凶屋奇影院」短片比賽


Special Award

Fruit Chan “Coffin Homes” short film competition






It’s notorious that the property price in Hong Kong is a complete rip-off. Even when the couples get married, they don’t seem to enjoy their own space as they have to stay with their parents. Conflicts and crises are always followed. Lam (starring Lam Sen) is in a family dilemma in which his wife threatens to leave him if they have to go on living with Lam’s handicapped mother. At the same time, the housing agent offers a great deal for Lam. When he rushes to sign the contract with the agent, he bumps into a ghostly woman in the evaluator who looks exactly like his mother. His conscience seems to be reminding him, what will happen if he decides to abandon his ill mother for a “home sweet home” with his wife. 



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