In April 2019, Intothehole Productions collaborated with a Melbourne-based independent film studio to create this

Music Video for Canadian songwriter Doug Hoyer's track "Hive Mind" off his May 2019 album Character Witness.

Director's statement
The choreography takes its cue from the Japanese dance style of Butoh, a post-war exploration of death and decay through precise, slow movement, employing cadaver-like body paint and pained facial expressions to convey human suffering and mortality. Transposing this style to a science-fiction setting, our performer looks not to the past but to the future, a future where Artificial Intelligence screams silently at its digital prison. The struggle for identity and self will become a personal war as society becomes more digitised, until all of us scuttling ants are reduced to numbered barcodes.

Behind the Scene

Director - David Mahler
Cinematographer - Tong Woon Lam
Performer - Cool Gaia
Label - Mangled Tapes

Production - Intothehole Productions & Studio Rin

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