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- Official Selection -

Berlin Indie Film Festival

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- Semi-Finalist -

The Thing Under the Basement Horror Fest

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- Honorable Mention -

Hallucinea Film Festival

The Gaze - An Experimental Quarantine Horror

2020 年 4月,Day Nine 在全球疫情肆虐下誕生。這是一個聯同加拿大、意大利、德國、       捷克、美國和香港合作的短片計劃。各地的電影工作者要在同一個故事前設下,發展出不同的後續故事。唯一的限制是,參與者在製作過程中必須嚴厲遵守各地的防疫規定。



九天前,外星飛船突然懸掛地球上空,各國政府束手無策,唯有實施嚴厲措施,下令市民留在室內。Day Nine 探索來自六個國家的人們在無了期隔離下的精神狀態。短片裏的角色正在面對一個不確定的危機,仿如我們現在的生活。作為其中一部短片,The Gaze 只運用了主觀鏡頭去交代主角在隔離第九天發生的事情。不過所謂的「主觀」,到底代表着誰的視覺?


Day Nine is an international collaborative film project produced during the global pandemic lockdown in April 2020. The series involved filmmakers from Canada, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, the USA, and Hong Kong. Filmmakers were strictly required to produce their films within the social-distancing measures of their own region. 




Nine days ago, alien ships started appearing in the skies above earth, governments across the globe have instituted severe restrictions on their citizens, keeping them indoors. The series examines human in isolation, under a looming and uncertain threat that is emotionally resonant with our actual situation. As a part of the series, The Gaze experimented using only subjective angle in the entire film. But whose point of view are we even looking at?

Don’t forget to turn off your light and turn up your speaker for the best experience. 

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